Page 90: Quinoa with Strawberries and Buttermilk (or Blueberries and Soy Eggnog)

So this was one of those recipes where I realized I didn’t have any of the ingredients when I started making it, but it turned out okay. I wouldn’t make it again, but maybe if I had used strawberries and buttermilk I would have loved it. I don’t think so. The real problem was the quinoa was flavorless, even with the addition of all the goodies. However, it did not give me killer heartburn like oatmeal does, so maybe I’ll have quinoa for breakfast again.

Here’s my crazy version:

Top one cup of cooked red quinoa with 1/3 cup of blueberries, 1/2 cup of Silk Eggnog (which is amazing and only 90 calories…I didn’t even miss real eggnog!), and a quick squeeze of honey. I ate it cold, but you could zap it in the microwave. Not delicious, but it’ll do for breakfast.