November Challenge

I thought I was late, but since I’m the first to post November’s challenge, I guess I’m early!

Podcast: The Satellite Sisters

I listened to their October 29, 2013 podcast “Lian and Liz tackle Dogs, Bitcoin, and How to Help us Win the Podcast Awards”. I had never even heard of this podcast before. They say in the podcast that they are a ‘general’ podcast but could have been considered comedy. If I had known that I probably wouldn’t have chosen it. It was fine. It’s kind of like The View or something for radio. They rabbled on giving their view of lots of different things, but nothing much of substance.

Podcast: Common Man Cocktails

I listened to several of these podcasts. The podcast is very loud, and they were probably a bit unnecessarily crude, but there were several cocktails I want to try. I’m especially anxious to have ‘Jen’s Hot Chocolate Butterscotch, Thanksgiving Cocktail’ with my daughters at Harriman!

Podcast : Christmas Old Time Radio


I love this one. It is reruns of (very) old time radio shows with Christmas themes.  The quality is very cleaned up easy to listen to. It is a fun podcast to clean to.