So, I think I’m going have to go ahead and not recommend this one. I loved the concept of a rolled steak and was expecting a lot of well blended flavors. While the steak did take on a nice vinegary flavor in the marinade, the stuffing of the steak had an unpleasant texture and not much flavor. The egg yolks and bread crumbs combined to a sticky mess. The only hope inside the steak was a bite of red pepper or carrot, but this did little to flavor or counteract the unpleasant texture of the bread crumbs. I would like to try this type of recipe again (particularly when it is really cold outside), but revamp the stuffing. It might be tasty with just an assortment of vegetables and maybe a little cheese, or it would be really tasty with a red wine marinade and a Swiss cheese and mushroom stuffing (although I’m not sure how Argentinian it would be). 



~Morenita Unoa

One response to “Argentina!

  1. Or a game day steak stuffed with cheesy broccoli!

    ~Morenita Uno

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